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ABOUT INOVEX SYSTEMS Our position at Inovex is bold: to sharpen and strengthen our delivered technology more intelligently, embrace new forms of manufacturing solution to the market, and convert potential into performance.We don’t just think of providing innovative solutions, we deliver them. PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. INNOVATION The Inovex dispensing technology has reinvented the blending solution in the industry. High throughput, simple integration & synchronization between the control & design, high reliability, flexibility and high quality, precise & accurate output. Developed and assembled by us in accordance with colour-matching traditions in mind. We are committed to allow manufacturers to apply and develop specialised mixes without being obscured by design and location hitches. With various base ingredient options and dispense capacity of 1g to 3,000kg, our solution ensure flexibility as a cutting-edge standalone system or multiple system synchronization. Driving the system is the In-Plant Management System (IPM) software suite, which has developed into a powerful and dynamic collection of solutions for the entire management of colour centres worldwide. IPM operates as the main controlling architecture with add on to the Inovex dispensing software and is currently engineered to British, American, Australian and EU standards. Inovex an integrated blend of engineering and software excellence, delivering market leading performance in the ink, paint and coatings blending and management industries on a truly international scale.