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Monti Antonio mod. 200

[ MAXIPRINTER 200] - Large Press for Flat Sublimation Thermoprinting
Mod. 200 MAXIPRINTER is a large press for flat sublimation thermoprinting. The innovative designs have combined with all the advantages and reliability of the old, which, for years, have ensured the worldwide success of this model.
The multifunction offered by this printer makes it ideal for application in the textile industry (in particular for printing sports-wear, pullovers, carpets, hosiery and accessories), as well as for printing tiles, glass and metal articles (doors, profiles, blackboards, trays, etc.). As the machine incorporates a double work surface (on which the material to be printed and the printing paper itself is placed), and as an electrically heated upper plate moves alternately from one work surface to another, production down-time is avoided.