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KIWO I-Jet 2

KIWO I-Jet 2 


CTS Imaging System for Garment Printers 
KIWO offers the only computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging system designed specifically for garment screen printers – the KIWO I-jet 2 ™. This new device provides all the benefits of large-format CTS systems – elimination of film costs, fewer screen-processing steps, minimal screen handling, etc. – in a compact format designed to fit the budget of garment decorators.

One of the key benefits is the KIWO I-Jet’s ease of use and it’s plug-in and use design. It has a user-friendly interface featuring simple mouse click or function key operation. This allows for a quick and easy transition from analog to digital screen making and system can be fully utilized in production just a few hours after installation. 

The KIWO I-jet 2 ™ uses the same print head technology as the Luscher system to provide unequaled print quality and imaging speed in a dependable production system. The I-Jet’s 256-nozzle piezo printhead images a typical T-Shift screen in less than 2 Minutes. 

The print head technology with solid ink technology enables imaging of highest halftone frequencies up to 75 lines/in and produces a screen quality that equals and in many cases surpasses the quality of film stencils. 

Accurate screen-to-screen registration and the incorporation of standard registration systems such as the M&R Tri-Loc, for instance, enable fast press set-up and minimal alignment adjustments on press. 

The KIWO I-jet 2 ™ is compatible with Mac, PC, and UNIX platforms and all typical image and layout software. It is bundled with a Harlequin RIP that supports PostScript Level 3, EPS, PDF workflows and TIFF formats.