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Roq - ROQfold

Product Description


ROQFOLD is a truly innovator in the market for automatic textile folding. It folds all kinds and shapes of pieces such as: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos – short or long sleeves – trousers, skirts, dresses, etc, with a production of 800 pieces/hour.

It is quick, accurate, easy to use, economic and effective, with a very low maintnance it is extremly durable; RoqFold just needs an operator to load the pieces for folding.

ROQFOLD is prepared to be coupled to any machine of the the ROQ automatic packaging line, which can integrate ROQBAG or ROQPACK machines. Once the packaging line is completed, it is just needed the presence of an operator to the full folding and sacking operation.

ROQBAG Technical Image




[A] length - mm (inch)

6120 (241")

[B] height - mm (inch)

1970 (77.6")

[C] width - mm (inch)

1800 (70.9")

machine weight - kg (lb)

650 (1433)

Dimensions of the piece for folding - Length (mm/inch)

400-1200 / 16"-47"

Dimensions of the piece for folding - Width (mm/inch)

300-700 / 12"-28"

Dimensions of the folded piece - Length (mm/inch)

150-600 / 6"-24"

Dimensions of the folded piece - Width (mm/inch)

150-340 / 6"-13"

maximum consumption - (kVA)


comp. air consumption - l/min (cfm)

140 (4.94)

maximum production - (pieces/h)