Glow color (fluorescent pigment)


Fastness test standards of the glow color
Light resistance: AATCC 16A-1971
 : Grade 8 Exposed for 24hrs by Fade-O-Meter (highest) → 1 class (most poor)
Resistance to washing: AATCC 36-1972  
 : 111A Method
Acid resistance: AATCC 6-1972
Alkali resistance: AATCC 6-1972
Resistance to dry cleaning: AATCC 132-1973  
 : 30 minutes perclene 30 ℃ ×
※ The light resistance except, I will grade all 5 (highest) → 1 class and (most poor).
※ There is the result that we tested all the matters described here, but the results of the individual became the use the prescription of these, we will attach say that you Kaneru assume the responsibility.