Rubber Binder 301 Series

301 Eco series consists of binder three re White 301W-10 Oh, Matt 301M-3, of clear 301C-9 in plastisol ink water-based, which was developed in a circle automatic printing machines.

Thickening on the plate ink or clogging of the plate, also, to be continuous printing of the aqueous binder in a circular automatic printing machine for problems such as failure stomping type in WetonWet occurs in the print processing of the circular automatic printing machine according to the aqueous binder of general I was there in extremely difficult to. 

Enables continuous printing of long contact back type Mary story eye is resolved without causing these problems, and, 301 eco series Said, circular automatic printing machine having a fastness and excellent flexible texture without blocking I will be in for rubber binder. In addition, formalin, and, 301 Eco series is an eco-compatible product that does not contain alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), mineral turpentine. It is 100 authentication (N-KEN12102) Oeko-Tex Standard.