It is quick, accurate, easy to use, economic and effective, with a very low maintnance it is extremly durable; RoqFold just needs an operator to load the pieces for folding

ROQPACK was developed in order to provide high rentability and speed.Due to it’s performance, it is one of he most relevant tools in the market in what concerns packaging large amounts of pieces.This machine, conceived by ROQ, works with large plastic reels (quick and easy to replace) and it’s designed to pack bathes of pieces of any type or formats at the same time: t-shirts, sweat-shirts, polos, shirts, trousers, skirts, towels, etc.The packaging length is unlimited and the goods are packed through plastic welding (using a normal or reinforced weld).As an option, the ROQPACK machine may pack pieces in coat-hangers.The strengths of the ROQPACK machine reside in the capacity to adapt itself to every packaging type and to save plastic while controlling the waste efficiently.Bearing in mind the market needs, the ROQPACK machine is prepared to be coupled with the ROQFOLD.


  • ROQBOX automatic packer with conveyor;
  • ROQBOX is available in two versions: X5041 with a single batching area, and the X6941 with a double batching area.


* there’s also the P2745L – a version of this model – with the capacity of packing stacks up to 160mm in height.v