RoqPrint YOU

It is quick, accurate, easy to use, economic and effective, with a very low maintnance it is extremly durable; RoqFold just needs an operator to load the pieces for folding

  • available up to 16 colors and 18 pallets
  • honey-comb aluminum pallets
  • squeegees with pneumatic or electric movement on evey printhead
  • individual command functions on all printheads
  • lateral frame pressing S.R. system
  • printhead central elevation (MC)
  • electro-mechanic rotation system
  • individual print and flood controls for speed, height, angle and stroke length
  • printheads with high-lift position for quick and easy frame cleaning
  • central command with LCD touch screen
  • maximum print area: 16” x 20” (M) | 20” x 28” (XL)
  • printing speed and flooding regulated individually
  • placement of flash cure under the printhead
  • maximum production pieces per hour: 1050 (M) | 1000 (XL)


  • YOU vacuum Version with suction pallets
  • Laser markers
  • Power and control connections for flash are built into the machine base
  • Flash cure units
  • Compatible with roqflock
  • Compatible with roqpress foil
  • Skip function